Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lily Fund Holiday Portrait Shoot

On Sat. Nov 21st. we kicked-off the first ever Family Photo Event for the Lily Fund. The organization is out to raise $ and awareness for children with brain cancer. I got asked to participate by fellow GE staff Orianna Riley who knows the charity from her child's school. The idea was to offer affordable portraits in a studio setting to people that will make a donation to the fund. The timing near Thanksgiving was genius to provide photos family's could use in their holiday cards.

It went really well. We had fashion photographer Ron Cadiz also volunteering to do portraits in the morning and help set up and get the lighting just right. Mike Vorrasi was helping out on the computers and on the fly photo editing. Fred Soffa was our event coordinator and had scheduled the day booked! Hair and make up services were offered to guests. The day felt like a party. Really a great energy with kids and sweet snacks, music and flashes popping in the studio.

It's always good for me when I get to practice my craft, collaborate with brilliant people, and on top of that be doing something that provides help to the community.