Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emely and Kevin's Wedding

This past June 14th I photographed a wedding in St. John's in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Emely and Kevin had a beautiful event with many friends and relatives (150+) invited. The groom is the brother of my good friends Kristine and Eric, so everyone was super nice and made us feel right at home. I had my friend Dante Williams help me with their photos, and his unique style added a real nice enhancement to the couples wedding photos.

While the weather had a brief afternoon rain shower we took portraits in the church. Miraculously, the well-timed percipitation didn't disrupt anything or get anyone's fancy clothes soaked -especially the brides!

The reception that night was terific. As well as a great dinner, music and dancing, we were entertained by live violin performances and photo slide-show of the celebrating couple. We finished the job exhausted, full and confident we captured the energy, happiness, and elegance of this special wedding.