Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to the Carribean!

JAMAICA 10-11-08 Vicki & Dave married in Negril. The first wedding I have taken a plane to. Jamaica is gorgeous plus Vicki and Dave are 2 of my coolest friends, so what we have is one amazing event! They got hitched in style..

Malissia and I are friends with all of Vicki and Dave's friends and family so it was a tremendous social-fun atmosphere at the Tensing Pen Resort. Spending time with friends swimming and relaxing. What does a person do 5 nights staying on the Cliffs in Negril? Eat amazing inexpensive food, sleep for 12 hour stands, and drink $2 Red Stripes listening to the greatest reggae (it's all good) is only part of what it's perfect for. The photography is the other. The lush Carribean jungle and clear aqua blue sea, I was in for my memory cards worth. I packed a polarizing filter because of all the water and sky I wanted to capture.

The wedding was Saturday and planned for sunset on the cliffs. Watching the sun go down into the Carribean and having the warm breeze set the stage. I spent some time with Dave and Vicki in their separate quarters. Although laid back is the vibe, the excitement level was tremendous! These friends have been together since we all hung out in their 2 adjacent Williamsburg lofts around 2000. A lot of great matches come from those times, and Malissia and I are another one. To see them at this momentous occasion in their lives was touching and important to us all. The story with the happy ending.

Photographs were shot, speeches and dances happened. The revelers had their wedding and toasted this couple from Philadelphia for their love, friendship, and bright future.

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